Eye rolling exercise for eye fitness

We all know that eyes are very important part of our body. That’s  why it is very important to care our eyes and it is important for those peoples who suffers from eye vision problems. One of the fastest way to improve your eye vision naturally is eye exercising daily.Eye exercise is used to improve our vision and to strength our eye muscles. Using eye exercise can also remove your need for glasses. Now let’s study about eye rolling exercise for eyes.


Step 1: The first step is to warm up your eyes perform this by rubbing your palms together and place them on your eyes. After that hold your hands over your eyes for about 5-10 seconds.Repeat this again

Step 2: Now look up as much as you can and Now look down as much as you can.Repeat this 10-15 times.

Step 3: Now look to each side and diagonally and repeat them for about 10-15 times.

Step 4: Now for ease it you can draw a horizontal 8 and follow the edges as far as possible after following 5 -10 times change your direction.

Step 5: Now you can turn 8 vertically and again trace the path of 8 after completing 5 -10 times change your direction as in previous step.


Step 6: Now after done with your exercise once again apply heat on your eyes by rubbing your palms together.


1. It can reduce your need for glasses or contact lens.

2. It can increase your eye vision.

3. It can remove your common eye problems like cataracts.

4. It can also improve your concentration power.

5. It can remove stress from your body.

6. It can increase energy level in your body.

7. It can increases blood flow to your brain.

8. It can increase your mental cognition.

9. It can increase your ability to focus.

10. It helps your eyes to relax and mental strain.

11. It prevents your eyes from drying up.

12.Even only one day exercise is said to be very effective for your concentration.

13. Lowers the risk of developing any eye diseases.
14. Reduce strain on your eyes.
15. Boosts your peripheral vision.


1. Warm up your eyes before doing any eye exercise.

2. For good results you should do eye exercise daily which means you should stick with your routine.

Vajrasana for better concentration

VAJRASANA (thunder pose or diamond pose) FOR BETTER CONCENTRATION

As like other asanas this asana also take it’s name because of the shape resembles while doing this asana. This asana consists of two Sanskrit words first one is “varja” which means “thunderbolt” or “diamond” it is so because in Indian mythology “varja” refers to a weapon of Indra (god of heaven) which is very hard weapon and made up of bone and this is the major reason why it is called thunder pose or diamond pose and finally it is called varjasana.


 1 Step: The first step is to bend your knees and sit on your buttocks.

 2 Step:  Now, the next step is to see that is your spine and your neck are absolute straight or not if it is not then maintain your posture and make them straight.

3 Step:  You must note that your knees should touch each other.

4 Step:  Next step is that you should place your right arm on your right knee and left arm on your left knee.

5 Step:  Maintain this posture and inhale slowly and exhale slowly.

6 Step:  close your eyes and maintain your breathing.


  1. Helps in digestion.
  2. Increase blood flow in your pelvic areas and in your stomach.
  3. Strengths your back and pelvic muscles.
  4. Relieves your back pain.
  5. Gives you relief from sciatica.
  6.  When you sit in vajrasana it increases blood flow to lower part of your body.

7. Calms your mind.

8. Relieve any kind of stress and fatigue.
9. As you do this asana more and more it makes your body flexible.

10. Support the work of your stomach.
11. It cures problem such as sciatica, slip disc, gout,diabetes.
12. If you practice this asana the effects of some diseases such as varicose veins, join aches, arthritis will reduce with time.
13. Persons who practice it on regular basis this asana will improve your sexual performance and strength your sexual organs.
14. While doing this asana a person burn many calories or can loose their body weight.
15. By doing this asana your body gets toned.


  1. Pregnant women should avoid to do this asana.

2. If you have any knee problems or undergone a severe knee injuries you should avoid to do this asana.

3. Those persons who suffers from hernia or ulcers should take guidance by an expert before doing this asana.
4. Persons who have issues related to ankel problems or problems related to small intestine or large intestine should avoid to do this asana.

Halasana for back pain cure

Halasana(plow pose) for back pain cure

This asana take his from Sanskrit words. It consists of two Sanskrit words first one is “hala” which means “plow” and other one is “asana” which means “posture” or “pose”. Just like other asanas this asana also take it’s name because of shape resembles while doing this asana.


Step 1: lie flat on your back with your arms placed besides your body and your palms facing downwards.

Step 2: Now the next step is start inhaling  and start lifting your legs.You must note that your legs should be at a 90 degree angle.

Step 3: Use your hands for supporting your hips and lift them from the floor.

Step 4: Now bring your legs at a 180 degree angle and must note that your toes must be placed over and beyond your head.

Step 5: Now the next step is to see that your back should be perpendicular to the floor.

Step 6: Hold this position for1-2 minutes .

Step 7: After that now start exhaling and slowly brings your legs down.



1. This asana helps you to improve your digestive system.

2.  It gives you relief from backache.

3. It helps you to get relief from stress.

4. It is very beneficial for  diabetic patients.

5. It is very effective for control your fat.

6. It stimulates your thyroid glands.

7. Improves your blood circulation.
8. Consider good for your immunity and for your digestive system.
9. Reduces any kind of stress and fatigue.
10. Makes your body flexible.
11. Strengthens your abdomen muscles.
12. Makes your spinal cord flexible.
13. Calms your brain.
14. Good for your arms and shoulders.
15. Improves your body balance.

1. Women who suffers from mensuration should avoid to do this asana.
2. Pregnant ladies should avoid to do this asana.
3. Persons who suffers from any neck injuries should avoid to do this asana.
4. While doing this asana your feet should touch the floor.
5. Those persons who suffers from back problems or slipped disc should avoid to do this asana.
6. Who suffers from high blood pressure should also avoid to do this asana.
7. If you are suffering from diarrhea you should also avoid to do this asana.

Ardha matsyendrasana for back pain cure

ARDHA MATSYENDRASANA (half twist pose or half fish pose) FOR BACK PAIN CURE

This asana take his name from Sanskrit words in 9th century by a great yoga guru name Matsyendranath who found hath yoga.Here in ardha matsyendrasana “ardha”means “half”and “matsya” means “fish”and “Indra” means “king”and “asana” means “posture” or “pose” that why it is also called “half twist pose”or “half fish pose”.


1 Step: The first step is to simple sit like in varjasana. Then, kept your left heel under the right thigh.

2 Step: Now cross your right leg over your left thigh.

3 Step: Now place your right hand behind you on the ground and hold your right feet with your left hand.

 4 Step: Now the next step is to turn your head and back to the right side.

5 Step: Hold this position for sometime and then come back to relax position.Now do this asana for the other side.


1.It is very helpful in treating bronchitis, constipation, menstrual disorders,urinary track disorders,cervical spondylitis.

2. This asana is very good for diabetic patients.

3. It alleviates  digestive ailments.

4.It helps in enhancing strechability of back muscles.

5.It keeps the gall blader and the prostate gland healthy.

6. It is very helpful in reliefing back pain.

7. Opens the chest and increases the oxygen supply to the lungs.

8.It is very useful in slipped disc.

9. Stretches the side muscles of your body.

10.Releases the tension in the arms,shoulders,upper back and neck.

11.It improves round shoulder.

12. Removes the waste and improves digestion.

13.Energizes and stretches the back bone.

14. It relieves fatigue.

15. It loosens the hip joint and relieves stiffness.


1. Individuals who are suffering from slipped disc have to take great care while doing this asana.

2. Woman who are two or three months pregnant should avoid this asana.

3. The individuals who suffer from peptic ulcer, hernia or hypothyroidism should do this asana under expert guidance.

4.Woman who are menstruating should avoid this asana if they are not  feeling well.

5.Individuals who are recently gone a abdominal, heart or brain surgeries should avoid this asana.

6. Must avoid those persons who have severe spinal problems or injuries.


Tadasana for back pain cure


Tadasana(mountain pose)For Back pain Cure

Tadasana is a simple standing asana. It is performed in the begning as well as in the ending of surya namaskar.  This asana also called mountain pose. This asana take his name from sanskrit words it includes  two sanskrit words first is “tada” which means “mountain”and other one is “asana” which means “posture” or “pose”.That’s why it is called tadasana.


Step 1: Firstly stand straight in a attention position.

Step 2: Then, start lifting your hands upwards.

Step 3: Now,start streching your hands upwards.

Step 4: Slowly raise your heels and comes up on your toes.

Step 5: Now start pulling your entire body upwards.

Step 6: After sometime breathe out slowly and comes on your original position.

For better results repeat this asana for about 10-15 times.


1. It helps in increasing height.

2. It helps to improve body posture.

3. It is very beneficial in treating hypertension.

4. It helps in enhancing your concentration power.

5. It helps in getting relief from Back pain.

6.It improves blood circulation of your body.

7. It helps in curing constipation.

8. It helps in curing digestive problems.

9. It improves body posture.

10. It alleviates sciatica.

11. It helps in reducing flat feet problem.

12. It improves your way of standing.

13. This asana helps in stretching your nerves and muscles which ultimately helps in good functioning of various system of your body.

14.It helps in removing extra fat of different parts of your body which helps you to loose your fat.

15.It encourages your healthy digestion  and elimination.


1. Woman who are menstruating should not perform this asana if they are not feeling well.

2. Woman who are pregnant strictly should not perform this asana.

3. People who are suffering from insomnia should not perform this asana.

4.  People who are suffering from joint pain should not perform this asana.

5. People who are suffering from low blood pressure  should not perform this asana.

Pawanmuktasana for back pain cure

In previous post we talk about bhujangasana for reliefing back pain.Now we study about pawanmuktasana for reliefing back pain.As we all know that our spinal cord is very important to us and we have to take care of it for living good and healthy life. Now we are talking about pawanmuktasana for the same.

Pawanmuktasanan for reliefing back pain(Gas or Wind Relief pose)

Pawanmuktasana take his name from sanskrit words. “Pawan” which means  “air” or “wind “and the other word”asana”which means “posture”or “pose”. Thats why by this name it means releasing of air and wind.This posture greatly helps to take relief from gas problems thats why it ultimately helps to reducing back pain and for getting greater relief. 

Step 1: On a plan surface lie down on your back

Step 2: Keep  your feet together  and place your arms besides your body.

Step 3: Take a deep breath and when you exhale bring your knees towards your chest.

Step 4: At the same time press your thighs on your abdomen.

Step 5:Around your legs clasps your hands.

Step 6:Hold this asana and breath normally.

Step 7: Keep in mind that when you inhale you must loose your grip.

Step 8:Do this asana for about 3-4 min.


1. It helps in reducing fat of your thighs,buttocks and abdominal area.

2.It helps in reliefing from back pain.

3.It also helps in enhancing blood circulation in pelvic area.

4. It helps in improving digestion and get instant relief from constipation.

5. It helps to reduce fat from various parts of body.

6. It helps in reducing gastric problems.

7. It stimulates reproductive organs and massages the pelvic muscles.

8. It also helps to cure menstrual disorders.

9. It helps in stretching back and neck.

10. It loosen up the spinal cord and strengthen the muscles of the neck and lower back.


1. This asana must be avoided to those persons who recently have abdominal surgeries.

2.Persons who suffers from hernia or piles should not practise  this asana.

3. Pregnant ladies strictly should avoid this asana.

4. Menstruating woman strictly should avoid this asana if they are not feeling well.

5. If you are suffering from heart problems, blood pressure or neck problems you must avoid this asana.

6. If you are suffering from hernia or testical disorders you must aviod this.


Trikonasana For Healing Joint Or Knee Pain

Joint or knee pain is a very common pain among these days.We all have seen that  most of old aged peoples are suffering from this pain and if a person is suffering from such a pain it is very difficult to cope up with such a pain. Even though their are many treatments and yoga asanas  to get relief from such a pain.As we all know that our joints or knee play a very important role in our life to make our body fit or healthy and to make us stand. They are one of the most important part of our life which helps us to live our life healthy and fit. That is why it is very important to take care of our joints or knees for living healthy and fit life.Now let’s study about trikonasana healing such pain.


Trikonasana consists of two words that is “trikon” or “asana”. These are comes from Sanskrit words “trikona” which means “three corners” or “triangle” and “asana”which means “posture”or “pose”.Trikonasana is also know as triangle pose.It is a standing yoga posture which is done in  a standing position with legs distance apart from each other.


Step1: Stand straight and keep your legs in a distance for about 3-4 feet from each other.

Step2: Extend your both arms from side ways till the level of your shoulders.

Step3: Now slowly start inhaling ,firstly raise your left arm and bend body towards right and touch right leg toes.

Step4: Stay in the same position for about 1-2 minutes.

Step5: Now, slowly come back to the original position.

Step6: Repeat this asana with opposite arm in the same way.


1.It reduces stress, anxiety, back pain and sciatica.

2.It will improve blood circulation of your body.

3. It helps in reducing excess fat around your waist.

4. It helps in  increasing height.

5. It is a well known stress buster.

6. It helps in reducing excess body weight.

7.It helps in strengthens your legs,  knees, arms, and chest.

8.It also helps in improving your digestion.

9. It stimulates all your abdominal organs.

10. It also increases your mental and physical equilibrium.


1. If the person is suffering from diarrhoea should not perform this asana.

2. A person suffers from blood pressure both low and high strictly should not perform this asana.

3. A individual having cervical spondylosis should not perform this asana.

4. People’s having injuries to their back and spine strictly should  not perform this asana.

Paschimottanasana for better concentration

The ability to give all your attention or effort to something is called concentration. Concentration is a mental ability of our mind .As  we all know that  concentration is very important for success.It helps to control your thoughts ,  to gain inner peace ,free your mind from annoying thoughts, to improve your memory , your ability to focus on your study , strengths your intuition and also conserve’s your energy. Now we talk about paschimottanasana for increase your concentration power.


This asana also called as forward bend exercise .The paschimottanasana word comes from sanskrit word in which “paschima” means “back” or “west”, “uttan” which means “intense strech” or “straight” and “asana” which means “posture” or “pose”.It is believed that in ancient times this yoga asana is practised  facing sun rising with your back towards west and your face towards sun.


 1 Step: The first step is to Sit on the ground with legs forward .

 2 Step: Then  hold your toes with your fingers of both the hands .

 3 Step: Now slowly breath out and try to touch your knees with your forehead .

4 Step: After that slowly breath in and raise your head upwards and come to your original position .

For better results do this asana for about 10-12 time


  1. This asana is a very remedy for constipation.
  2. It helps to overcome several menstrual disorders.
  3. Gives relief in sciatica, backache and asthma.
  4. Helps in reducing obesity.
  5. Vertibra becomes more flexible and healthy.
  6.  Elevates gas trouble.
  7.  Also helps in feeling relax.
  8.  Reduces your anxiety.
  9. Gives you greatly relief from fatigue.
  10.  By doing this asana blood circulation of your entire body system especially in the pelvic area will increase .
  11. While breathing the mind becomes stable and calms you down.
  12. For person with big hips and buttocks this asana will considered to be very effective as it harmonizes the physical structure


  1. If you are suffering from enlarge liver or acute appendicitis, you should never do this asana.
  2. Avoid doing this asana if you are suffering from respiratory diseases.
  3. If you have any back or spinal problem, make sure that you should perform this asana only under an expert’s guidance.