Attractive collar bone

Now you all know specially for girls that most or all of girls have a craze of having a COLLAR BONE. Before that i will tell u what is a collar bone, It is a bone between your shoulder bone and breast bone.Most of us have fat around our collar bone due to which it is unable to seen but if you do regular massage or exercise you are able to make it attractive. Collar bone is also called “BEAUTY BONE” which specially girls have a craze of having it. Collar bone makes your personality attractive and gives a great look. On the same way some boys who are going to gym also want to have a collar bone with muscle shoulders. For the same i am going to tell a very simple exercise which help you all of getting a collar bone. I tell you very effective thing of having a collar bone which if you do on regular basis under 1 week u can see results. I am telling you this because I also tryied it at my home and i got very good results. First I tell you some exercise and then I will talk about how to do massage.Ok let’s start.


Step 1: Firstly sit in a normal sitting position, make your back straight.

Step 2: After that stretch your both shoulder corners towards forward but make sure your back and neck should be straight. Hold this position for some seconds then release.
Step 3: Repeat this with opposite side, stretch your shoulder blades towards backward. Hold this position then release.

Repeat this exercise atlest 5-10 times.

Now don’t stop, after doing this exercise I am going to tell you a simple massage now let’s do this. For this massage you require a Coconut oil I think most of you have this.

Step 4: Take 5 – 6 drops of coconut oil on your 2nd and 3rd fingure.

Step 5: Place your both fingures above your collar bone push them inwards or downwards with your both hand fingures.

You can do one side at a time or both sides at a times as your wish.

Step 6: Now place your both fingures below your collar bone and push them inwards or upwards.
Repeat this 10-12 times.

Step 7: After this, place your right hand 2nd fingure above your left side collar bone and 3rd fingure below your bone now massage around your complete left side bone. Do this with other side ,
Means your left hand fingures to your right side collar bone.

Repeat this 10 -12 times.

For better results do this massages at least forĀ  5-10 minutes on regular basis.