Crunches exercise to reduce belly fat

As you all know that now a days this is very common among all of us of having a belly fat because we all use to eat junk food most of the time. Due to eating junk food it creates many more faty cells in our body and we all know that our stomach is the first place were fat increase in very short time. For reducing our belly fat their are many yoga asanas and many more exercise for having a flat belly. Now let’s talk about crunches exercise for reducing our belly fat and how it is to be done.



1 Step : The first and foremost step is to simply lie with your back on the floor.
2 Step : After that bend your knees and bring them up and keep your feet flat on the floor.
3 Step : Place your hands behind your head and your elbows to your side.
4 Step : Exhale and slowly come up brings your chest, neck , shoulders and spine upwards.

5 Step : Hold this position for some seconds and slowly come back to your original position but do not relax repeat this again.

For better results do at least 15 – 20 times a day.

May you all think that their is no difference between sit ups and crunches exercise. BUT for your knowledge i tell you that their is a slight difference between them . They both start with a same position but end up in different positions. CRUNCHES EXERCISE involves only lifting your upper body ( back and shoulders ) off the ground ,hold and back to original position . BUT on the other side SIT UPS EXERCISE involves lifting your upper body and sit in a half sited position . 


1. Crunches mainly focus to make your abs and strength your abs. If you want to make your abs you should focus on this exercise.
2. This exercise strength your core muscles.
3. Burn more calories.
4. Considers to be very good exercise for reducing belly fat.
5. This exercise is can be done on our own it does not require any kind of guidance or gym membership.
6. Safe and effective.
7. Strength your abdominal muscles.
8. Improve your posture.
9. Relive any kind of stress and fatigue.
10. Strength your back muscles.


Crunches exercise is an abdominal exercise and if it is done improperly it can cause a severe damage. That’s why these 👇👇 are the following precautions which you should be keep in your mind while doing this exercise.

1. While doing this exercise you should not stop with your breath as it is obviously not good to cut off your breathing and it also increases your blood pressure. For this reason you should continue with your breathing.
2. As this exercise involve your core muscles and spine you should maintain proper spine alignment. Your spine should be straight if it is not it can cause back pain or disc issues.

3. Other thing is that you should also maintain proper position of your neck.
While doing this exercise you should join your hands behind your head and do not pull your neck forward. Your neck should be in line with your spine.
4. As this is abdominal exercise you should control your speed while doing this exercise and avoid fast movements it can create injuries.
5. Do not relax in between while doing this exercise at least slowly continue moving your abdominal muscles rather than drop to the floor.

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