Sit- ups exercise to reduce belly fat

We all want a good posture or figure of our body to make our body attractive. But due to various reasons or due to not a proper diet we all have problems of having a belly fat. As our somach is the first place where our most of the fat collected firstly for the same problem now i am wruting about “Sit up” exercise for removing such a belly fat.


This exercise is simply done by lying on floor.This exercise very usefull for making abs, reducing belly fat and to get a slim waiste or for getting a proper shape or figure of our body which we all like to have.This exercise mainly target your upper and lower abs and helps to reduce fat and getting a thin waiste.


Step 1: The first and foremost step is to simply lie on the floor on a mat place , your heels on the floor and your hand should place at back of your head. Now start lifting your body , start with your head then shoulder and then your back.

Step 2: Use your strength to lift your body and finally come to a sitting position.

Step 3: Now come again to your original position and repeat the same again.

For better results do this exercise for about 10-15 times a day.


May you all think that their is no difference between sit ups and crunches exercise. BUT for your knowledge i tell you that their is a slight difference between them . They both start with a same position but end up in different positions. CRUNCHES EXERCISE involves only lifting your upper body ( back and shoulders ) off the ground ,hold and back to original position . BUT on the other side SIT UPS EXERCISE involves lifting your upper body and sit in a half sited position .


1. This exercise helps to build strong abs.

2. Helps to increase flexibility of your body.

3. It works more on your abs. It not only help womens in getting abs but also very good workout for mens also in getting six pack abs.

4. Improve your body posture.

5. Sit ups exercise gives a great strech to your back it helps to curing back pain.

6. By doing this exercise a person can burn more calories even only in 15 -20 minutes workout.

7. It targets your core muscles and enable a person to having a straight back and stand in a straight postion.

8. This exercise usually include in gym workouts because it really work. By doing this in home it also greatly benefits to you all.

9. Improves strength and flexibility to your back and your whole body.

10. Strength your core muscles.

11. Relives your anxiety.

12. It increase your metabolism thats why help in burning more calories.

13. Reduce your belly fat.

14. Helps to increase mass muscle and loosing fat muscles.