Balasana for back pain cure

Balasana ( child’s pose) for back pain cure

Balasana is an easy yoga asana which is even perform by beginners. Just like other asanas  this asana name also comes from Sanskrit words. The first Sanskrit word which is included here is “bala” which means “child” and other word is “asana” means “posture” or “pose” . Thus this asana also called as “child pose”. This is the first pose taught to beginners as it is easy to follow and highly beneficial. When it is perfectly performed, the body faces the floor in foetal position. This asana also called “Garbhasana” and “Shashankasana”. Now let’s further study about balasana and what are it’s furthermore benefits and what is it’s procedure to be follow.


1 Step: The first step is to simply sit on the Floor with your knees bend and your legs should be under your hips.
2 Step: keep your arms alongside your body.
3 Step: Exhale, bend forward and your forehead must touch the floor.
4 Step: Now you are in position that your arms are in front of you palms facing down to the floor.
5 Step: When you are in this position press your chest on thighs. Hold for 45 – 1 second.
6 Step: As you inhale gradually raise your upper body to return to the sitting position then relax and repeat this again.


1. While doing this asana you bend forward with your eyes close this calms your mind.
2. Improves your digestion.
3. Warm up your body.
4. Strengths your back
6. Relives your stress, fatigue , anxiety and calms your mind.
7.Consider to be good for insomnia.
8. Energies your body.

9. Stretches your ankles, hips and shoulders.
10. If you are suffering from slip disc this asana considerd to be good to perform.
11. Regulates your adrenal glands.

12. Release muscle tension.
13. Makes knee joints flexible and improve movements.
14. Relives back pain and neck pain.
15. Gives good massage to body to organs of body and makes them flexible and active.
16. Enables us to breathe properly.



1. Avoid doing balasana if you have any back or knee pain.
2. Practice this asana with empty stomach.
3. If persons have problems related to blood pressure both high or low they should avoid to do this asana.
4. Persons suffering from diarrhea should also not perform this asana.
5. Pregnant women should avoid to do this asana.
6. Avoid this asana in case of ankle problems.
7. If you have any kind of problem to place your head on the floor you can use a pillow for making it comfortable.
8. Persons having slip disc problem also should avoid to do this asana.

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