Dhanurasana for healing body pain

Dhanurasana( bow pose) for healing body pain


The name of this asana comes from Sanskrit words. It consists of two Sanskrit words the first word is “dhanu” which means “bow” and other Sanskrit word is “asana” which means “posture” or “pose”. This asana also called “bow pose”. This asana called so because of the shape which it resembles while doing this asana. Now let’s further study about dhanurasana and how it is beneficial for body pain.


1 Step : The first and foremost step is to lie down on your stomach.
2 Step  : After that the second step is to hold your both the feets with your both hands from back side.
3 Step : Now inhale and slowly pull your feet backwards then slowly raise your thigh, chest, and your head as high as possible.
4 Step  : While doing this asana look straight ahead and breathe normally.
5 Step : Hold this position for some seconds, after that exhale and slowly come back to your original position bring down your legs, chest and relax.


1. Relieves back pain.
2. Improves your body posture.
3. Improves blood circulation.
4. Makes your back flexible.
5. It cures constipation.
6. Cures menstrual problems.
7. Strengths your back muscles.
8. Stretches your thighs, chest and strength them.
9. Relives any kind of stress and fatigue.
10. Improves functioning of pancreas.
11. Beneficial for diabetic patients.
12. Cures respiratory problems like asthma.
13. Improves functioning of liver, large intestine and small intestine.
14. Consider to be very effective in weight loss.
15. Relaxes your shoulder muscles.

16. Opens up your hips.
17. Good for the persons who are suffering from slipped disc.


1. A person suffering from hernia, Ulcer should avoid to do this asana.
2. While doing this asana you should not bend your elbows.
3. Keep width of your knees according to your shoulders.
4. You should take gap between your practice and your meal it should be around 3-4 hours.
5. People who have severe back problems should avoid this asana.
6. Persons having Sever heart problems also not to do this asana.
7. Pregnant women should avoid to do this asana.
8. Who have severe neck problems also not allow to do this asana.
9. Person who have insomnia should not to do this asana.
10. Persons who have recent abdominal surgeries should not allow to do this asana.

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