Uttanasana for healing body pain

UTTANASANA (Standing forward bend) FOR


Just like all other asanas this asana has been named so because of the shape of body takes while doing this asana. The name of this asana consists of  Sanskrit words the first one is “ut” which means “intense” second one is “tan” which means “stretch” or “extend” and “asana” means “posture” or “pose”.That’s why it is called uttanasana or “standing forward bend” as it  involves stretch towards forward. Now let’s study more about uttanasana and how it is beneficial for body pain.


 1 Step : The first step is to simply stand straight with your legs together on floor.

 2 Step : After that our second step is to put your hands on your waist, now breath out slowly and bend downwards towards the ground from your hip joints.

 3 Step : Now, place your chest and stomach on your thighs ,make sure that your knees should not bend they should be straight.

 4 Step : Place your hand near your feet in front of you on the ground.

 5 Step : With every inhalation get back to your original position and with every exhalation bend your body towards forward for about 30 – 60 seconds hold this position and then again get back to your original position.


  1. It  will improve your digestion.
  2. Controls the problem of your high blood pressure.
  3. Relaxes your mind and nerves.
  4. Provide strength to your thighs and knees.
  5. Regular practice of this asana makes your spine, back and neck flexible.
  6. Makes your body flexible.
  7. Helps to relax your neck,back and shoulder.
  8. Relieves any kind of stress and fatigue.
  9. Cures insomnia.
  10. Boost your kidney and liver.
  11. By doing this asana person who suffers from asthma also can get a greater relief.
  12. Relives headache.
  13. Increases blood circulation around spinal cord nourishes your nerves and keeps the spine strong.
  14. Stronger your abdominal muscles.



  1. Women who are pregnant should avoid to do this asana as it involves greater forward bend.
  2. Menstruating women should also avoid to do this asana.
  3. Person who suffers from diarrhea or sciatica should avoid to do this asana.
  4. If you have any severe back injuries or knee injuries you should avoid to do this asana.
  5. If you have heart problems or hernia you should avoid to do this asana.

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